7 Costly Model Train Mistakes

7 Costly Model Train Mistakes


model train mistakes to avoid

I am about to reveal the top 7 model train mistakes almost all beginners make.

I surveyed more than 5,000 readers and was astounded to hear how some of these mistakes had cost the beginners hundreds of dollars and hours of wasted time.

Here they are…

Mistake # 1 – Too much eagerness and too little patience

Mistake # 2 – Trying to grow a model train starter set into your dream model train layout

Mistake # 3 – Confusing scale and gauge

Mistake # 4 – Choosing the wrong scale

Mistake # 5 – Steep gradients and tight curves

Mistake # 6 – Going too big too quickly

Mistake # 7 – Electrically underrating your layout

I had no idea so many people made these mistakes and how much wasted money and time was involved.

So, to avoid this happening to you I have written a downloadable report which goes into great detail.

Model Train Newsletter Issue #101Click here to get your free copy of my special report “7 model train mistakes that almost every beginner makes and how to avoid them!”

Model railroading has been branded as an expensive hobby and now I see why.

These mistakes are the main reason and by me providing this free report to you, my hope is that you can avoid them.




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