Fascia Signs

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Fascia Signs – From Inkjet Printer to Fascia…

by Charlie Comstock

Which way is east? Where am I? If you have a largish layout and invite guests over for formal operating sessions, chances are you’ve heard these questions more than once or twice.

I was looking for a way to install signage so the crewmen who can read might receive enlightenment without needing to track down the Superintendent of Nearly Everything.
But I also wanted the signs to look elegant, be easy to read, easy to make, and easily changed if I ever wanted to use different place names. I decided to try using my inkjet printer
to produce the sign text, laminating the signs on pieces of Masonite stuck to the fascia in strategic locations. I started by using my favorite word processing program to whip up some
signs (figure 1).


I print them with my inkjet printer on photo paper and cut them out, leaving a border around them. I also cut some sign blanks from 3/16” Masonite.
I use non-solvent (water soluble) contact cement to laminate the sign to the Masonite sign blank.


Figure 2 shows the sign, blank, and contact cement.


I coat the surface of the Masonite sign blank with latex contact cement using a cheap paintbrush (figure 3), then do the same to the back of the sign. I let them dry until just tacky, then press them together and use a roller to get rid of any air bubbles  (figures 4 and 5).


Figure 6 shows the sign after rough trimming with a bandsaw. I use a small belt sander to carefully sand all remaining white edges away (figure 7).


Since the signs are black, I get rid of the Masonite color on the sides with an indelible black marker (figure 8).


I first attached the signs to my fascias using a loop of masking tape. This proved less than satisfactory – over time the tape lost its grip and the sign pulled away from the fascia, becoming
easy for a passing arm to knock loose (figure 9).


Velcro® to the rescue (figures 10a and 10b)! I started using self-stick Velcro® to attach fascia signs. It’s worked well for me so far. I stick the “furry” Velcro on the fascia,  and the “hooks” side on the back of the sign (figure 11).












Figure 12 shows the sign in place on the fascia. Now my operators know where they are – if they bother to read the signs……..

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