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Free Kit Section is Here! – Updated Weekly With New Model Kits.

These kits are built by us using Evan’s Designs Model Builder Software.  They take us time (albeit enjoyable).  Please consider making a contribution to keep this section up to date.

Please suggest kits you would like built in the comments section.


Please Read This First In Order To Get The Most Out Of Your Kit: – You only Require Adobe Acrobat Reader – Click the image below to download






Using Adobe Acrobat – To Print Accurately in Your Scale

When you go to print with Adobe Acrobat, DO NOT let Adobe determine the print size! Turn off the Page Scaling by setting it to NONE to get this file printed accurately in scale.
If you are opening this PDF with another program such as Adobe Elements or Photoshop, be sure to return the DPI to 300 or higher. Click the “Advanced” settings button to check the dpi. Elements default for opening PDF is only 72 dpi. The low dpi setting will result in a blurry image!













What Paper/Print Settings do you Recommend?

We recommend printing the Building Materials on Matte Photo Paper with “best” printer settings for optimal results.
You may also want to run a quick check on your printer to be sure you do not have low or clogged ink by printing a test page on plain paper from your printer’s control panel first.
A lot of people ask us what printer we like to use, especially when they see these buildings on display at a show. We favor Epson and HP printers.
The Epson Stylus Photo R260 printer, a great little printer that we use a lot can usually be purchased New for $20 – $60 USD on Ebay.
Epson now has Claria Ink which is “99 year archival, fade, smudge and scratch resistant” available for this printer.

Many other models also work just fine!

These are the scales we can create the kits in – Please provide comments on what particular scale members would like the kits in, so we can resize as necessary.
























Anything Model Train Related is EXPENSIVE. – Don’t Make These Mistakes!!

model trains for beginners


HO – Model Building

freebuilding model kit


Using Model Builder Software we printed it on drawing paper, glued it to matt board then cut and assembled it using some basswood bracing on the inside.
The coke sign was cut from a coke carton and the other signs were made on computer.
The chimney is just a rolled up piece of paper glued and painted. The porch roof supports are sections cut from a shish-ka-bob stick and some lichen was used for shrubbery.
Weathering was done with acrylic craft paints. I sprayed it with a clear dull coat to seal everything.


HO – WatchMan’s Shanty


Anything Model Train Related is EXPENSIVE. – Don’t Make These Mistakes!!

HO Barn



model trains for beginners

HO – Shed




HO – House with Porch





HO – Auto Service



HO – Warehouse








 N Scale – Hardware Store




 Trees, Shrubs & Bushes



Junk / Scrap / Stone Pile / Utility







S-Scale Shed 1/64


sscale shed







HO – TownHouse














HO – Control Tower




N-Scale Iron & Steel Factory






N-Scale Train Repair Yard







N-Scale Texaco Gas Station





O-Scale House with Porch



 O-Scale Duplex







                    HO-Scale Motel





HO-Scale Old Public Building



S-Scale City Hall



S-Scale House with Store





HO-Scale Hen Coop


Background – HO Scale & N Scale- Skinker Warehouse Showroom Side, Wellston (St. Louis), Missouri




11.4″ wide, 300 dpi, 3426×1215, 1.05MB

O-Scale Pig Farm (Small)




HO-Scale Small Church




 HO-Scale Silo



 O-Scale Firewood Shed


Anything Model Train Related is EXPENSIVE. – Don’t Make These Mistakes!!



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  1. Peter G.
    5 months ago

    Very impressive. Can easily be modified to produce different stuctures.

    Cheers, Peter.

  2. Paul Stephens
    5 months ago

    File doesn’t download. Just keeps asking me whether I want to download or save the file.

  3. Desmond
    5 months ago

    I am 90 years old, and i could not down load the Petrol station kit,

  4. Clive
    5 months ago

    Looks great. Easy to follow and assemble

  5. Nick Rose
    5 months ago

    Just downloaded winzip and both the footbridge and the petrol station first time. Brilliant. Thanks very much

  6. Frank Taylor
    5 months ago

    I agree with the other two comments. I would love to build these structures but once I get them to download they will not open with WinZip.

  7. Frank Taylor
    5 months ago

    I like this. I haven’t built any of these yet but I fully intend to.

  8. Kevin George
    5 months ago

    Hi I am after print out of 1/64th scale of buildings houses engine sheds etc Can you help me out at all
    Thanks Kevin G

    • Admin
      5 months ago

      Hi kevin, I have added an S-Scale Shed at the bottom of the Free Section. We will add more S-Scale stuff shortly.

  9. Angus
    5 months ago

    Haven’t built any yet but just want to say thanks for providing these to us free of charge!

    Much appreciated!!

  10. Paul
    4 months ago

    Hi just want to say great designs for downloading scenery, my ? is it possible to get a download for the scales information sheet to enable me to print out in different scales myself

    • Dan
      4 months ago

      Hi Paul, thanks for the feedback. I can only resize them on my side with the software. Let me know what sizes you want and I will add them to the collection. Thanks Dan.

  11. Mike Potts (England)
    4 months ago

    Excellent stuff Kevin, all my railway is OO gauge but most of the kits you send is quite adaptable. Well done and keep it up.

  12. dee
    4 months ago

    Is it possible to get the downloads in o scale??????

    • Dan
      4 months ago

      Hi which ones would you specifically like on o-scale? I can then resize those first?

  13. Tim
    4 months ago

    Some of the downloads has the scale listed. What is the scale used for those kits where it is not listed?

  14. dee
    4 months ago

    I really like the idea of theese kits but the problem I have is that my train is o scale and theese are way too small.but thanx a lot anyway.

  15. dee
    4 months ago

    My setup is in o scale old west town. Do you have anything in that theme?

  16. Dave
    4 months ago

    For the duplex house:
    I noticed there is a missing page of roof and wall panels.

    • normal
      4 months ago

      Thanks for that Dave. I will make sure that is rectified shortly.

  17. Jim Muirhead
    3 months ago

    These free kits are great! My challenge is to resize some of them to Z scale.

    • admin
      3 months ago

      You welcome Jim. We can resize them for you if you want? Just let us know which ones.

  18. Murray Gore
    3 months ago

    Thanks ive learnt alot Murray New Zealand

  19. Ed Sumner
    2 months ago

    Need a coal mine, preferably from WV.

  20. robert
    2 months ago

    Just getting back into this (H O) scale after being in larger scale 5″ since the late 1940′s, to save anyone trying to work out my age I am 83 and unable to get down far enough to drive (Arthritis in the spine). As I have started on a 12′ x 7′ 4 module layout this Web site will be just the boost I need. thank you Robert G Australia

    • normal
      2 months ago

      Excellent Robert. I am sorry about your Arthritis. Let’s hope these kits can help others in your situation as well.

  21. Steve Robinson
    2 months ago

    My grandson & I are EXCITED!! I couldn’t afford to fill his layout up!
    With these, it looks pretty good! We downloaded ALL of these.
    Can’t wait to see & build more!!

    • normal
      2 months ago

      You welcome. I will be adding some additional ones shortly.

  22. Murray Gore
    2 months ago

    This is fantastic i love it and im going to use this thanks . We don’t get this in New Zealand

  23. Steve Robinson
    2 months ago

    Would like to download ALL these in HO scale. Couldn’t seem to re-size the N, O, &
    S scales to HO.

    • Dan
      2 months ago

      Hi Steve. Let me see if I can resize one for you.

  24. Doug
    1 month ago

    Does the Model Builders Co. know that you are doing this? I paid $45.00 and the deal was not to share or profit from them. Now i think i know you’re not charging but you might want to be cautious until you’re 100% sure.

    • normal
      2 weeks ago

      Hi Doug, I bought the software (obviously), but can’t see anything on their site that states that you cannot share the files. I have checked the software licence as well. I have however logged a call with them. Will let you know the outcome.

  25. Tim
    4 weeks ago

    I`’ve been printing the HO versions of the buildings on plain paper, then glueing them to empty cereal boxes. Then I cut them out with razor blade and glue the parts together. This has turned into more fun then I expected. I hope you can continue with this. THANKS