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  1. Christopher
    9 months ago

    WOW many thanks

  2. Randy
    9 months ago

    This is great fun. Thanks so much for the plans. As a CAD guy and Marklin enthusiast this is right up my alley. Gets my creative juices flowing!!!

  3. Andrew
    9 months ago

    “Windows online does not recognise the file type”

    How do I open it??

    • normal
      9 months ago

      Hi Andrew, You will firstly need winzip to open the zip file, this can be obtained from from Thereafter the files contained within the zip file need to be opened by the anyrail software. You can download the demo free from

      Hope that helps.


  4. Tom Davidson
    1 month ago


    Could I ask why you are sharing the content from my website here, without linking to it? If you could get in touch with me via email that would be much appreciated.


    • normal
      2 weeks ago

      Hi Tom, I had no idea that these were not to be shared? I don’t see anything on your website, or maybe I missed it. In any event please let me place a large link to your website. I will drive a ton of traffic for you. Just specify where you want the link on my site and where it must point to on your site.