How To Make A River For Your Model Railroad Train Layout! Awesome! to purchase my n scale scratch built stuff. How to video, on making a river for your model train layout. Easy, fun, with great resul…
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  1. djstrains
    8 months ago

    LOL, Thanks!

  2. trainman0771
    8 months ago

    I have got to say,”You are funny! Blowtorches & train layouts,don’t go good together”.Thanks for the TIP! I like the river! Looks great!

  3. Thomas MacMillen
    8 months ago

    That looks great!

  4. Thomas MacMillen
    8 months ago

    That looks great! Good job

  5. djstrains
    8 months ago

    I don’t think so, because it always levels itself out. See if there is any tutorials on it using woodland scenics realistic water / water effects.

  6. XF15DCC
    8 months ago

    Would this product work for a fast moving river? Looks great!

  7. djstrains
    8 months ago

    Thanks. I hope to do more river scenes on my new layout.

  8. MultiAryasatya
    8 months ago

    look so wonderfull … nice 

  9. djstrains
    8 months ago

    I made this for my steel mill on my last layout, but you know, I may actually build another, and make a video for it! Thanks for the idea. It will be at least a month away, because I haven’t started remaking the mill scene yet, but keep watching for it. It is all evergreen scribed styrene.

  10. raspy52
    8 months ago

    Hey DJ! Great River. How did you build and weather that great metal building in the closing scenes of this video?

  11. J Smith
    8 months ago

    Looks really good! 

  12. NSTrainFan
    8 months ago

    No problem, I’ve hit a slump here lately in modeling. Wanting to expand to add more running track, staging and a few industries, so until after Christmas the modeling is on hold.

  13. djstrains
    8 months ago

    Thanks. I appreciate that! :)

  14. Lee Boeckeler
    8 months ago

    Great vid real nice looking river like to the way you do trees

  15. djstrains
    8 months ago

    Thank you my friend

  16. NSTrainFan
    8 months ago

    Looks good man, real good.

  17. djstrains
    8 months ago

    I haven’t tried them yet, have you? I saw some tutorials and may try the one for making waves. I remember they had one where you boiled some gel packs or something, and I thought that was a bad bad idea. I like the look of a serene river like early in the morning.

  18. bnsf6951
    8 months ago

    hey dj…great timing because my river is my next project.. what do you think of woodland scenics water products…i enjoy watching your vids keep em comin

  19. djstrains
    8 months ago

    The color for the river was “Ivy”, along with a touch of that brown near the edges. You may also use black for the river if you want to show it as very deep.

    Some people suggest tinting the envirotex, but I havent tried it. It looks good to me the way it is. I haven’t tried making waves yet. Maybe in the future.