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Have you tried a train simulator?  Have you tried a free one?  Well BVE Trainsim totally beats Microsoft Train Simulator with its price, graphics, and realism.

BVE Trainsim, formerly known as Boso View Express, is a free downloadable train simulator created by a Japanese graduate student. There are hundreds of downloadable routes (found at various websites) that have been created by various users throughout the world. I will share these later on.

You can drive the London Underground, the New York Subway, the MTR Hong Kong subway, or the Taipei MRT. BVE is not constrained to only subway routes. Various long distance trains can be driven. Creating new routes is somewhat difficult with the coding, so the graphics vary depending on the route.

Because it is a Japanese program, you will need help to download and install it.

Here is a YouTube Video to assist:

How to Install BVE 5 Train Simulator

BVE is much smaller and simpler than that of Microsoft’s Train Simulator. It does lack many of the functions h0wever. For example, the only view is straight forward through the cab window. There are no outside views, and the graphics are not as good. But hey it’s free and that makes it all the better.

It seems that each route supports only one driven train. When a route is loaded, the train is loaded with it. This is no problem on the LU, which has standardized trains on each line. There don’t appear to be any computer-driven trains, although there are several authentic-looking static ones on the routes.

Grab BVE Trainsim

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